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Introducing RCM Health Consultancy

RCM Health Consultancy Inc. has more than 25 years of experience. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes through advocacy and guided access to the most advanced diagnostics, innovative treatments and quality decision support from world-class experts.

We are Canada’s foremost trusted healthcare advisors, renowned for our case management and care coordination that ensures best possible care, no matter how complex the healthcare challenge.

Our high-touch, resourceful advocacy and guidance is available to our patients and their families 365 days, wherever they are located in Canada or around the world.

Second Opinions

Patients, their families and their employers will often ask for a second opinion. We source second opinions from our global network of experts from leading centers of excellence and from distinguished professors at the top medical schools.

Combining Strategic Estate and Health Planning

Many of our clients and their family members benefit in a very significant way from working with us in estate and health planning.

RCM Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

RCM provides high-touch expert guidance to address the mental health problems of children, teens, young adults and adults. The problems encountered include depression, anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders.

Hospice In The Home

RCM Health’s team guides the family through a curated approach to end of life to ensure quality time for the person of concern and empathetic and knowledgeable support and advice for the family.

Immediate Surgery

RCM Health provides patients with guided, accelerated access to surgery in the US and elsewhere.

“RCM Health Consultancy employs a comprehensive and proven process in managing complex patients. There is total transparency with the use of secure electronic patient records with patients having 24*7 access. The services are personalized and responsive. There is continuity of care with seamless transitions. The quality of decision support is exceptional and the staff at RCM are accountable to our clients at all times.”

Our Team

The RCM Health Consultancy team works collaboratively using state of the art information technology tools to deliver a seamless and totally transparent process for our clients.

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