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Introducing RCM Health Consultancy

RCM Health Consultancy Inc. has more than 25 years of experience providing superior patient care. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes through advocacy and guided access to the most advanced diagnostics, innovative treatments and quality decision support from world-class experts.

We are Canada’s foremost trusted healthcare advisors, renowned for our case management and care coordination that ensures best possible care, no matter how complex the healthcare challenge.

Our high-touch, resourceful advocacy and guidance is available to our patients and their families 365 days, wherever they are located in Canada or around the world.

Quest Executive

Quest Executive provides a dedicated team that takes control delivering an integrated, coordinated response that can effectively and efficiently help the executive and their family manage the unimaginable.

RCM Capital Advisors

RCM Capital Advisors focuses on developing and funding innovative high impact service infrastructure and technology in the healthcare economy.

Deeper Insights

RCM clients have expedited access to second opinions and case reviews from our network of eminent specialists and top ranked centres of excellence.

Their deep insights are transforming health care, and their advice can be transformative for our clients.

Better Decisions

RCM manages a proprietary network of more than 3,200 world-class experts from hundreds of prominent centers of excellence. We also manage a network of 2,800 of the best suppliers of healthcare services.

The RCM ‘team huddle’. Imagine a team of leading specialists working together to address all aspects of your case. Through our networks, we can make that happen. The result is integrated, comprehensive, decision-making guidance.

For complex cases, in which there are many variables to consider and harmonize, the RCM “expert huddle” can be life changing.

Best Care Possible

RCM mobilizes quickly to provide the clinical leadership, care co-ordination and advocacy. We manage all the details of our client’s healthcare challenges.

Every healthcare crisis plunges a patient and family into chaos.

It is difficult to an attempt to navigate a complex healthcare system on your own. Doctors rotate, next steps are unclear, missteps and oversights happen. Wait times are lengthy. The confusion, stress and frustration overwhelm patients and families already in distress.

RCM turns the chaos into order. Our health advisors organize an action plan and a support team for you. And we make sure your voice is heard.

We assure clarity and transparency for clients and their families, before and during every step of their care journey. Patient engagement is at the heart of how we work.

Our rigorous coordinated proven case management process includes:

  • Establishing a multi-disciplinary team with specialists and sub-specialists to assess needs, and collaborate on best next steps.
  • Advocating on behalf of patients to expedite access and treatment.
  • Serving as the project manager for all the details and logistics required including all arrangements to access specialized diagnostics and treatments, liaising and co-ordinating with all doctors, healthcare centres and care providers.
  • Sourcing clinical research in order to allow our clients to understand the logic of the various treatment options provided
  • Engaging in ongoing conversations with clients, as well as family members and other advisors, to ensure that questions are answered clearly and quickly.

Second Opinions

Patients, their families and their employers will often ask for a second opinion. We source second opinions from our global network of experts from leading centers of excellence and from distinguished professors at the top medical schools.

RCM Focus on Cancer

RCM provides a dedicated, comprehensive program of advice, assistance and advocacy for clients with cancer.

RCM Bedside Patient Advocacy

We are highly skilled in assisting patients at the bedside in hospital, and providing important support to family members, alleviating them of the frustration, confusion, helplessness when trying to ensure needs of their loved ones are being met –in a timely and appropriate way.

Global Assistance and Crisis Management

RCM clients receive crisis management, comprehensive case management and care coordination wherever they are in the world — including remote locations.

RCM Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

RCM provides high-touch expert guidance to address the mental health problems of children, teens, young adults and adults. The problems encountered include depression, anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders.

Family Office For Health For Multi-Generational Families

For over two decades, RCM Health Consultancy has been advising families about complex healthcare matters in order to ensure the continuity and safety of the family unit.

Quest Health Consultancy

Our clients choose to protect their most valuable asset – their health and that of their families – by becoming members of Quest Health Consultancy.

Addressing Complex Decisions With Your Personal Strategist

Working with a personal strategist is a valuable and potentially transformative experience.


RCM Jr addresses any concerns that parents and caregivers have with their children’s health, development and well-being.

Capacity Assessments Done Well

At RCM Health Consultancy, we have extensive experience testing capacity of senior members of families. With a team of specialized certified assessors for property, medical, long-term placement and personal care, we are able to meet all legal needs and family concerns.

Transformative Travel

Sometimes we need circuit breakers. An immersive transformative experience that is bespoke and expertly curated can serve as just that.

Hospice In The Home

RCM Health’s team guides the family through a curated approach to end of life to ensure quality time for the person of concern and empathetic and knowledgeable support and advice for the family.

Our Team

The RCM Health Consultancy team works collaboratively using state of the art information technology tools to deliver a seamless and totally transparent process for our clients.

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