AbCellera’s Blockbuster Drug Not Available in Canada?

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Abcellera is Canada’s most valuable biotech company. It licensed its antibody for COVID 19 called bamlanivimab to Eli Lilly. This licensing deal has lead to monumental royalties of US$233M in revenue and US$119M in net profit. A winner beyond words.

Bamlanivimab is used to reduce hospitalizations by up to 80% in recently diagnosed patients and reduces the risk of getting infected in high risk environments such as nursing homes by 80%.

AbCellera has a block buster drug on the move with approval in 15 countries, exept it is NOT available in Canada.

That is a head scratcher! 15 regulatory agencies approve the drug. Canada took a pass. Health Canada did not approve the drug.

So does that mean that rationing is more important than saving lives in Canada.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate and health system disruptor.