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Uber is changing my experience with taxis.

I have used Co-op taxis for about 20 years.

The wait was usually 10 to 30 minutes. The service was spotty. The dispatcher sometimes got it wrong. The cabs would show up and wait.  Not the greatest experience.

However, things have changed. Uber is a major threat to the cab companies.  And they have responded by pulling up their socks.

Now the co-op cab arrives consistently within 10 minutes. They call my cell to announce that they are waiting. The service is crisp. The cab driver is engaging.

So uber , which is a highly disruptive technology that bucks the taxi legislation, is improving the service for all the customers of taxi companies.

So sit back and take a deep breath and just image what this level of competitive threat would do to improve the service in the healthcare sector.

The threat of a gastro-enterologist losing a case to another gastro-enterologist would likely make them more responsive. This would be very impactful with psychiatrists whose practices are “full”. They can’t take another patient.

As a result, patients with mental health problems are vulnerable without access to psychiatry.

I challenge the healthcare disruptors to “change it up” for the patients who deserve a better customer experience, timely access and higher quality care.