FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When you or a family member requires timely advice, assistance and advocacy to address an unresolved and/or complex healthcare problem.

Call 647 350 5500 or email info@rcmhealth.ca

The professional case manager at RCM completes a detailed intake so that we can understand the problem, your needs and objectives.

The intake process is included the membership fee for Quest healthcare advisory concierge services.

Next, we provide a clear and highly detailed action plan, with a budget. These are reviewed in-depth with our client. Upon client approval, the process begins.

When you work with RCM, you are assigned to highly skilled and compassionate advocates who are dedicated to expediting your plan-of-action, making sure you are up-to-date on any developments, ensuring questions by you or your family are answered thoroughly and quickly, etc. RCM delivers a high-touch service.

Yes, our clients are located around the world. And RCM works with translators who are skilled in medical language.

Our international-based clients may be living in another country, or travelling. In any event, we are able to assist with any healthcare issues, anytime, anywhere.

We are also able to negotiate with hospitals and/or insurance providers where travelers do not have insurance, or where their claims are rejected.

We provide guided access to the best healthcare options and most advanced diagnostics and treatments, based on your needs and preferences.

We collaborate and coordinate with your GP and treating doctors, providing second opinions, data, research, etc.

We do not replace your family doctor or your treatment specialists. We are also not a 911 emergency service.

No, we operate according to the very highest standards of ethics and transparency – with no exception. We work exclusively and directly for our clients.

We do not give or receive any commissions or compensations from physicians or medical Centers of Excellence.

All information, research, options shared with clients to assist in their informed decision-making is without bias.