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The wandering patient is a vexatious problem. So when you come across a simple cost effective solution, you want to shout it out.

So here goes.

Case Study:

Stan is 60. He has significant dementia. It started in his mid 50’s.  He is at home with his wife. She is an attentive care giver and partner.  The challenge is that Stan likes to wander. And can’t remember how to get home.

The Outcome:
Stan’s wife did the research and found LOLA. This device is a GPS locator that Stan can wear on his belt or on his wrist.

If Stan has wandered, she can go to This web site allows the wife to find Stan using the GPS in the device. It has a two way radio that allows her to talk to Stan. If he has fallen, it will notify her of his fall.

So clever. Everyone responsible for a wandering patient should know about LOLA.  And the device and the annual contract are very cost effective. 

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