How a healthy leadership team is the ultimate payout for venture capitalists.

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Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” It’s one of those universal metaphors that can be applied in a bunch of different ways, so let’s apply it to you—a venture capitalist. Not unlike Mike Tyson, you are a force to be reckoned with. You are the financial muscle, so to speak, and when you step into the investment ring, you’re ready to take action and maybe knock a few heads together.

Fortunately for you, you’re not in an actual boxing ring, and you (hopefully) don’t have to worry about getting punched in the face. But, as a venture capitalist, you do have to worry about unexpected problems, and if you’re not ready to dodge and pivot, one knock-out punch could be the end of the emerging business you’ve poured into.

A key problem that is often overlooked is the health of the senior leadership team. Their ability to manage the daily operations of the company is crucial to its success as well as your bottom line. But what happens when your execs confront unexpected challenges? These might include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Complex marital conflict
  • Executive burnout
  • Substance abuse
  • Gambling disorder
  • Serious illness of a family member

Get the picture? These are just a few examples of the unexpected punches that could undermine your business operation and flatline your profit margin.

Protect your assets with RCM Health

The important question here is about protection. How can you safeguard your assets given the pressures and life challenges that are unavoidable in any business? How can you support your senior executives in difficult situations? The Quest Executive benefits plan provides the protection you need.

As a service of RCM Health Consultancy, Quest Executive is the premier, comprehensive benefits plan for senior executives who are facing the sort of physical, emotional, or relational challenges that could interfere with their professional responsibilities. For instance:

  • An executive’s wife has cancer. Quest Executive will assist with second opinions, referrals to top-rated care centers, appointment scheduling, transportation issues, the complete management of all related details so the executive can focus on strategic business goals. 
  • An executive’s child is exhibiting behavioral or learning challenges. Quest Executive will manage communication with the school, seek appropriate emotional and behavioral counseling, and provide guidance through disciplinary or legal proceedings, allowing the executive to continue their work with minimal disruption.
  • The startup founder is struggling with a gambling or substance use disorder. Quest Executive will step in immediately to facilitate treatment, provide emotional support, and enforce the accountability needed to overcome substance use disorder so that the executive can get back to work as soon as possible.

The possibilities are endless. There are no limits when it comes to the resources, time investment, and quality of care that Quest Executive will provide. In fact, far above any other C-suite executive program, we offer a full range of personalized care, including treatment options, financial coverage, case management, and a large network of healthcare experts and resources.

Quest Executive: The One-Two Punch

Let’s return to the boxing metaphor, shall we? If life’s challenges are the “unexpected punches” that could jeopardize your investment, Quest Executive is the slide step and the counterattack that puts you back in control. While the services provided are comprehensive and tailored to fit individual needs, the process of retaining those services is simple:

  1. The problem is identified.
  2. Quest Executive steps in to provide complete management and coordination of care.

That’s it. Once we’re in the ring, we ensure the best possible care with optimal results and minimal stress, allowing you and your senior leadership team to stay focused on the business at hand.

The Winner’s Circle

With the right kind of support, the emerging business you’ve invested in will thrive. In fact, as Quest Executive protects the mental and physical well-being of your leadership team, the overall health of your business will soar:

  • Improved focus, reliability, communication, and positivity from your leadership team
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency with daily tasks
  • Decreased turnover of high-level executives 
  • Fewer disruptions to business operations
  • Higher profit margins

When you invest in the health of your leadership team, everybody wins. Contact us today for more information about the Quest Executive benefits plan.