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The smartest people always seem to work somewhere else. So why can’t we invite them to work with us and help us to solve complex healthcare problems?

This is what we do at RCM Health Consultancy (RCM).

This is an advanced management practice called open innovation. Recruit problem solvers beyond your own organization to get the smartest persons available anywhere to work on problems.

Another advanced management practice, that we use at RCM is The Challenge Driven Enterprise (CDE). This was named by Alpheus Bingham and Dwayne Spradlin, in their book The Open Innovation Marketplace. Establish a clearly defined challenge and invite opinions.

Older healthcare organizations are limited by their cultures, their barriers of control and by their closed decision making processes. They use closed innovation.

Modern healthcare organizations are adopting open innovation to meet challenges efficiently and effectively by collaboratively solving complex problems.

That is why, RCM Health Consultancy Inc. (RCM), has been using open innovation for over two decades to solve complex client problems.

Here’s a case study:

A 59 year old male located in Edmonton had a serious colon problem which required extensive surgery. He was hesitant to have the surgery and wanted a second opinion. He engaged RCM to help with his second opinion.

Here is what happened. We talked to 5 top experts from different university settings about options.  We presented the client with their opinions and our own clinical research. We checked out his local surgeon with one of his former professors. The client was fully informed and was confident in his decision to proceed with surgery.

RCM used open innovation to solve a complex problem about which surgery was most appropriate.  We were also able to help by improving the quality of the client’s decision and hopefully his long term outcome.

We strongly suggest that healthcare organizations move quickly from closed to open innovation to help patients with complex healthcare problems.