Reputation Is More Important Now Than Ever

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Gloria Origgi is an Italian philosopher, and a tenured senior researcher at CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) in Paris. Her latest book is Reputation: What It Is and Why It Matters (2017), translated by Stephen Holmes and Noga Arikha.

“There is an underappreciated paradox of knowledge that plays a pivotal role in our advanced hyper-connected liberal democracies: the greater the amount of information that circulates, the more we rely on so-called reputational devices to evaluate it. What makes this paradoxical is that the vastly increased access to information and knowledge we have today does not empower us or make us more cognitively autonomous. Rather, it renders us more dependent on other people’s judgments and evaluations of the information with which we are faced.”

“We are experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift in our relationship to knowledge. From the ‘information age’, we are moving towards the ‘reputation age’, in which information will have value only if it is already filtered, evaluated and commented upon by others. Seen in this light, reputation has become a central pillar of collective intelligence today. It is the gatekeeper to knowledge, and the keys to the gate are held by others. The way in which the authority of knowledge is now constructed makes us reliant on what are the inevitably biased judgments of other people, most of whom we do not know.”

This is especially true in healthcare. Most patients are overwhelmed by the amount of information about treatments and doctors from the internet. Patients need assistance with decisions because of this.

Because RCM Health Consultancy has dealt with various treatments and doctors at hundreds of centres of excellence for many years, we know who is superior. We know them. We have worked with them.

A patient can’t do that with just the information that floats in from the internet. Decision support, forming opinions about who is very good or not and what the doctor’s reputation really is,  is the key role for RCM Health Consultancy in working with our clients.