Immediate Surgery For Canadians

The Healthcare Crisis in Canada

Surgery wait times are at an all-time high for Canadians who need immediate care. Due to many factors related to cost as well as staffing and equipment shortages, patients in Canada’s health system may have to wait months—sometimes years—to receive the treatment they need. That is if they get on a waiting list at all. The problem is compounded by the need for complex procedures that aren’t available in Canada.

The RCM Solution

By partnering with RCM Health Consultancy, Canadians can quickly get the medical expertise they need to make informed decisions and significantly reduce their wait for surgery. RCM has been working with patients for more than 25 years to provide access to skilled surgeons at highly respected centers of excellence in the United States and elsewhere.

Types of Surgeries

We connect patients to surgeons who specialize in many different areas, including orthopedic, gynecological, cardiac, thoracic, cancer, pancreatic, hepatic, and renal surgeries.

Case Management

RCM Health manages the entire process to streamline treatment and eliminate stress for patients and their families. We arrange all of the details, confirm costs, arrange for a virtual consultation with the surgeon before travel, and provide follow-up support during recovery.

Top Benefits of RCM for Canadian Patients Needing Surgery

  • Significantly reduced wait times for healthcare services and surgeries
  • Access to leading medical experts in a variety of specialized fields
  • Advocacy on behalf of our clients’ best interests
  • Coordination of details regarding communication, costs, travel, and follow-up care
  • Guidance through the process to answer questions and keep patients informed

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