Combining Strategic Estate And Health Planning

Many of our clients and their family members benefit in a very significant way from working with us in estate and health planning.

Combining estate and health planning is a unique focus that is highly valued by our clients.

Not knowing your options, or even where to start, can make a stressful situation even more stressful for families.

It’s hard to even know what you don’t know and the costs of being unprepared can be highly consequential for multiple generations of any one family.

We have the advisory resources to rapidly bring you up to speed on practical options that you can put to work almost immediately.  By working with our team you will have increased your chances of a successful outcome.

Your solution might involve designing a trusted surrogate owner to steward your investments for your lifetime- or that of a loved one. Or perhaps your plan requires creating a supportive lifetime landlord combined with healthcare advocacy and care coordination for a dependent or dysfunctional loved one. Or you might be confronting complex end of life issues and the need for an experienced advisor to assist. Or you might require advice to address complex matters relating to an elderly patriarch or matriarch with progressive dementia.

Bundling Estate Planning And Capacity Assessments To Avoid Court Challenges:

It is not uncommon for wills to be contested based on the grounds that capacity did not exist at the time that the will was created.

RCM Health provides a service that bundles estate planning and capacity assessments. Both are done at the same time.

And this avoids the very expensive estate challenges for the testator ( the person who has made the will). These court challenges can cost each side in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Estate Planning And The Disabled And Dependent Child:

Parents who are seniors or approaching their senior years have a big and worrisome problem.

How can they provide for an adult child who is disabled and will be dependent on them throughout their lives?

Now RCM Health is able to provide solutions to both needs. RCM Health can provide both estate planning advice and the continuity of care that is required by the disabled and dependent child.

RCM Health partners with homecare and other providers for the care. RCM Health takes responsibility for supervising the care delivery and reviewing the costs for the trustees of the estate.

Whatever your needs, our team at RCM Health can help you develop a strategic estate and health plan that will work for all family members for generations to come.

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