Family Office For Health For Multi-Generational Families

For over two decades, RCM Health Consultancy (RCM) has been advising families about complex healthcare matters in order to ensure the continuity and safety of the family unit.

Our services are multi-generational. We focus on solving complex problems with practical and attainable solutions. Many of our clients want a global perspective from RCM in seeking the “best of the best” in healthcare services located in select centres of excellence located anywhere.

RCM’s capabilities are extensive. RCM’s experience and expertise cover a wide spectrum of services. RCM has acquired the deep knowledge resulting from having completed thousands of complex assignments.

RCM has the ability to provide “transformative healthcare experiences” to resolve sickness or promote wellness.

RCM is able to access world class subspecialists from our network of over 3,000 specialists. RCM can mobilize a jet ambulance or private jet from over 62 providers on short notice.

RCM acts as an extension of the wealth manager’s team or the family office’s team. This collaborative arrangement with RCM has proven to be an effective strategy that meets the needs of family members and solidifies the trusted advisor’s relationships with their clients.