International Health Insurance

Bundling RCM Health With International Health Insurance From Vumi

Healthcare in Canada is broken. This makes accessing timely quality healthcare a big and at times insurmountable problem for most families.

What Sophisticated Families Tell Us

Many sophisticated families have told us repeatedly that if they or a family member develop a serious healthcare concern, that they want immediate access to the best of the best in care and they also want a third party to fund the care.

That is why RCM Health is working with VUMI Canada, an international health insurance provider to meet any and all of the serious healthcare needs of our clients by providing access to the highest levels of care in the U.S. or Europe or elsewhere.

RCM Health’s Work

The team of professionals at RCM Health will respond to any serious healthcare concerns of those individuals who have purchased RCM Health’s On Call Service with VUMI Canada’s health insurance.

RCM will work with the family and their doctors to define the problem, organise investigations, arrange for
a second opinion, determine what is required to resolve the problem, identify world class providers, advocate for access to these centres of excellence and then collaborate with VUMI Canada to assist with network access and the funding of the care no matter how complex the problem.

Once the person has been treated, RCM Health will reintroduce the treated patient into their respective local healthcare setting so that there is continuity of care. The service is entirely seamless, time tested, highly personalised and private.


The annual cost and terms and conditions for RCM Health’s On Call service will be quoted based on the number and age distribution of the persons to be included. This arrangement is only available when RCM Health’s On Call service is bundled with a purchase of VUMI Canada’s international health insurance.

To Purchase RCM On Call And VUMI Canada Health Insurance:
call: 647 350 5500

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