NextGen Programming at RCM Health

The Problem With NextGen.

NextGen will often get immersed in screens and drugs and aberrant socialising. They will reverse daytime and nighttime. They will not have a healthy routine or structure. They will abuse medications. They will gain excessive amounts of weight. They will be wasteful of money. They will initiate conflict in the family. This will often result in “failure to launch” or worse.

RCM’s NextGen Solution:

Now, RCM Health provides a comprehensive NextGen development programme. Our programme is built on 25 years of experience and commitment to excellence in service delivery.

The objective is for NextGen to engage in supervised and structuring coaching and mentoring provided by highly qualified professionals in order to ultimately develop a meaningful and purposeful life free of wasteful distractions and self harm.

At the same time, RCM will provide the parents with the opportunity to be coached by a highly qualified parent coach in order to change the dominant narrative in the family unit.

The Elements In RCM’s NextGen Programme:

Psycho- social assessment and support

Substance use and recovery support and counselling

Business coaching and mentoring

Philanthropic coaching and mentoring

Transformative experiences

Parent Coaching:

Getting Started:

RCM Health welcomes the opportunity to work with your family.

Please call RCM (647 350 5500) or email and provide your contact information and we will schedule an intake. The number of candidates that we take on is limited and is restricted by our curated selection criteria.