Quest Health Consultancy

Our clients choose to protect their most valuable asset – their health and that of their families – by becoming members of Quest Health Consultancy.

Our members seek the very highest calibre of expertise and service in all aspects of life, including options for sustaining good health and well being. They are discriminating in their choices and precise in their demands.

Our premium healthcare advisory service is recognized as the gold-standard in advance planning, expert medical management, advocacy, and care coordination to anticipate and respond to the needs of four generations of a family.

Quest Services include:

  • Personalized transformative immersive experiences. We design of experiences support physical, emotional and/or behavioural health objectives.
  • Bespoke solutions for complex healthcare problems
  • Compassionate and expert management of elders requiring care
  • Designing, budgeting and monitoring of care delivery. This includes overseeing care-related expenses to prevent fraud of vulnerable persons.
  • Design and facilitation of philanthropic and legacy programs.
  • Mediating family conflict, building consensus
  • Next gen support, meeting social, emotional, health and educational needs.
  • Entrepreneur and C-suite specific support, addressing needs and factors that impact health, wellness, longevity, family and business dynamics, and transitions.

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