RCM Bedside Patient Advocacy

Hospitals are sterile environments. Doctors do not oversee any one patient. There is a lack of continuity of care and coordination between treating doctors.

Medical mistakes are commonplace. The treatment needs of loved ones can be overlooked, ignored, or worse.

RCM bedside patient advocacy helps ensure best possible care.

We are highly skilled in assisting patients at the bedside in hospital, and providing important support to family members, alleviating them of the frustration, confusion, helplessness when trying to ensure needs of their loved ones are being met –in a timely and appropriate way.

It takes a team:

RCM provides the most rigorous, expert advocate for every patient situation. Our team includes doctors, nurse case managers, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, nutritionists, and personal care workers.

RCM expert medical professional advocates:

  • Assist patients at the bedside in the hospital.
  • Attend patient case conferences and meet with the doctors and nurses.
  • Liaise to ensure collaboration among treating doctors to improve and sustain focus on critical details.
  • Facilitate second opinions from leading experts.
  • Review treatment orders and provide information about advanced diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Anticipate patient’s medical needs as well as emotional support.
  • Help provide patient comfort in hospital, including improved meals.
  • Communicate closely and compassionately with the family and patient throughout, providing clear understanding and answers.
  • Continue advocacy, care management, as well as patient and family emotional support after discharge.