RCM Executive Health Benefits Strategic Plan

Executive health benefits are more relevant now than ever because of the problems with Canada’s healthcare system. Accessing healthcare services is challenging. In some cases, services are not available or wait times are extensive.

Many of the current off the shelf executive health benefits have not been designed for a post-COVID healthcare world. They have to be modernised. They have to be integrated with other services to provide real world solutions.

RCM Health provides an audit and review of a corporation’s executive healthcare benefits to determine where the gaps and opportunities are.

We then provide a plan and series of tested processes and services to fill the gaps and ensure options for access are available for whatever is needed.

RCM Health builds on almost 30 years of service excellence in healthcare to meet the healthcare needs of executives to ensure that they stay healthy, focused and productive.

We welcome you to contact RCM Health today to initiate the audit and review process of your executive health benefits.