RCM Focus on Cancer

RCM is dedicated to connecting cancer patients with the care they need. Our Focus on Cancer service is a comprehensive program that leverages our expertise, global network, and technology so that our clients have access to cancer treatment options that are targeted and specific to their individual needs.

Access to Cancer Experts

RCM has a global network of more than 800 leading oncology/cancer experts who specialize in diagnosing and treating specific types of cancer. Through digital communication, we can connect quickly with specialists who review the patient’s medical files, suggest additional testing as needed, advise the best course of treatment, and answer questions about the treatment plan.

Advanced Testing

RCM has connections with the world’s leading laboratories with experts who specialize in molecular profiling and liquid biopsies. This allows us to arrange advanced testing that will provide the most detailed and accurate results available.

Personalized Care

We seek cancer treatment options that are specific to individual problems and concerns. This means providing evidence-based information on new and existing treatment options, such as surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and clinical trials. We partner with our clients to help them understand what their options are and select a course of treatment that is right for them.


Drawing from a broad network of resources and years of experience, we advocate for our cancer patients to receive medical advice and cancer treatment that is reliable, timely, and specific. We also ensure patients understand the process and feel comfortable with their treatment program.

Top Benefits

We support our clients every step of the way, through cancer diagnosis and treatment, with a keen focus on individual needs:

  • Access to oncologists and medical experts who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of particular types of cancers
  • Advanced, reliable testing
  • Treatment options that are based on sound evidence and individual circumstances
  • Coordination of medical testing and communication
  • Encouragement and support along the way

To learn more about RCM Health Consultancy Inc., call 647-350-5500 or 1-800-620-7551. You can also email us at info@rcmhealthconsultancy.com or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch.