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Discover the Benefits of RCM Health’s Underwriting Assistance Service When Tests And Procedures Are Pending

Is your underwriting process being impeded by medical tests that have yet to be completed?

RCM Health offers a solution. Our highly experienced team can expertly organise all the necessary testing, regardless of complexity or the client’s location in Canada. We ensure your underwriting process runs smoothly and efficiently.

We are able to purchase top-quality tests and procedures privately from our network of leading medical suppliers. Our expert team manages the entire process for a premium level of service that is caring, personalised, and seamless.

Drawing on our extensive track record of success, here are examples of how RCM Health has provided invaluable support to insurers and their clients:

  • In a case where medical records referenced possible dementia, RCM Health organised a Brain FX test in Vancouver. The test indicated the individual had average cognition and did not have dementia. As a result of this expedited and accurate testing, the underwriting process was able to proceed smoothly.
  • When a large insurer required a CT chest scan to underwrite a case, RCM Health purchased the study within just two days. The report was promptly assessed and sent to the underwriters, resulting in another successful case.
  • When medical records revealed a suggested colonoscopy had not been completed, RCM Health promptly organised the procedure for our Edmonton-based client. The client, the advisor and insurer were extremely satisfied with our responsive high-quality service.

Sub-Specialist Medical Case Reviews For Insurers

RCM Health fulfils the requirements of medical directors and underwriters for case reviews by RCM’s medical sub-specialists.

For more than 25 years, RCM Health has been leading the way in providing virtual case reviews with renowned medical specialists. With our network of more than 3,200 medical experts, we ensure expedited access to experts able to carefully review cases for insurers.

We take care of everything – from organising the medical records and loading imaging into the cloud to selecting the right expertise to respond to your questions in a concise, focused, and timely manner.

At RCM Health, we take pride in providing the highest level of peace-of-mind and efficiency, ensuring that your medical underwriting needs are thoroughly met with precision and ease.

Contact us to learn about RCM Health Underwriting Assistance Services targeted to your unique requirements.

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