RCM Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Access to mental health services is essential. Timely access to appropriate providers is increasingly challenging.

Those with mental health issues, and their families, must often navigate a challenging, lonely, confusing labyrinth of a system in their efforts to source comprehensive treatment.

RCM provides high-touch expert guidance to address the mental health problems of children, teens, young adults and adults. The problems encountered include depression, anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders.

The team at RCM facilitates the “RCM expert huddle” for complex mental health issues. This collaborative approach helps our clients to access relevant investigations and to access the appropriate type of specialized care from the highly qualified providers.

The focus at RCM is to recognize and treat mental health as a chronic diseases – in the same way that diabetes is a chronic disease. RCM will provide clients with long term monitoring and management of mental health and substance use disorders.