RCM MetaPath

RCM MetaPath Provides Timely Access To Subspecialist Pathologists For Second Opinions

What We Do?

Our mission is to make second opinion subspecialist pathology consultations easily accessible for patients and their doctors

Providing Support And Advice Throughout The Patient Journey

An accurate tissue diagnosis is the critical early step in the patient journey. RCM MetaPath provides second opinions to ensure correct decisions are made about the tissue diagnosis.

Why Do We Do This?

Errors in pathology can occur. The best patient outcomes are the result of accurate pathology reporting combined with access to expert networks supporting local treating providers and their patients.

A Case Study: The Reason That We Built RCM MetaPath

  • Ben had a colonoscopy with multiple biopsies
  • The pathology report indicated that he had high grade dysplasia
  • The surgeon suggested that Ben have his entire colon removed surgically
  • RCM Health repeated the colonoscopy and biopsies
  • The 2nd opinion path read indicated that there was no dysplasia
  • We were pleased to cancel Ben’s surgery

The Role Of AI In Digital Pathology

RCM MetaPath partners with the leading AI path labs to provide decision support for pathologists for a multiplicity of tissue types.

Collaboration In Digital Pathology

RCM Meta-Path platform makes it much easier for pathologists to manage digital slide images in RCM’s cloud based archive and collaborate with other pathologists and clinicians.

Who Do We Serve? Patients. Referring Doctors. Health Systems And Underserved Communities

Not all communities have ready access to pathologists and/or subspecialist pathologists.

RCM MetaPath provides easy and immediate access to our subspecialist pathology network for hospitals, clinics, providers and patients in underserved communities.

What Does This Cost?

  • RCM MetaPath is a provider of high quality cost effective services
  • The cost will vary depending on which specific services are required and which subspecialist pathologists provide opinions.
  • Pricing will be provided prior to service delivery with prepayment by the patient

To find out more, please contact:

647 350 5500