RCM Health’s Solution Accelerator

We curate expert connections to create transformational solutions

Solid knowledge, expert problem-solving, empathetic actionable help

RCM Health’s Solution Accelerator connects you with a curated community of leading women specialists in all domains of life. Through membership, we introduce you to pre-eminent women in every field. Women who not only have advanced knowledge in their area but who are passionate about empowering women. We connect our members to specialists who believe active listening, educating, and collaboration are essential for informed decision-making and transformative solutions.

Our members benefit from a unique process that is founded on the principles of design thinking – empathetic understanding, clarity of objective, solutions that are whole-person focused. We begin with deep dive discovery to identify and deconstruct your needs and goals. Following a thorough assessment, analysis, and exploration, we bring together a bespoke team of elite experts for an integrated actionable response.

Each step is analog, resulting in impactful connections and action plans that speak to your unique preferences, realities and aspirations.
What defines the RCM Women’s Collective?

Freudenfreude – We derive joy from others’ success.

No one makes it alone. Freudenfreude is the mindset that intrinsically motivates others to empower an individual to achieve her goals. The outcome-driven women who are part of RCM Health’s Solution Accelerator are committed to providing meaningful value that is transformative to your life.

You benefit from an eco-system of support; the connections, resources, skills, and grounded assurance to thrive.

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About Us

RCM Health’s Solution Accelerator is fueled by RCM Health Consultancy Inc., Canada’s foremost trusted healthcare advisors, with more than 25 years of experience in high-touch resourceful solution-focused support for patients and families. RCM achieves the best possible outcomes through advocacy and guided access to advanced diagnostics, innovative treatments, and quality decision support from world-class experts.


Membership in RCM Health’s Solution Accelerator is limited to ensure dedicated time with each member.

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