Transformative Travel

Change requires Resets

Sometimes we need circuit breakers. An immersive transformative experience that is bespoke and expertly curated can serve as just that. Appropriate new stimuli provoke new responses and perspectives, helping recalibrate the brain. An immersive experience can effectively disrupt many everyday stressors and habits that trigger unhealthy behaviours and thinking. In being immersed in a new environment and engaging in new activities, we can organically reconnect with personal values and interests, and see with fresh eyes what change is possible for our lives.

Transformation requires Sustainability

Typically immersive experiences involve travel to a new setting. Trips end, but the impact can continue with the right support which begins before the experience and continues after to anchor the outcomes. Our expertise is in providing curated immersive transformative experiences as a component of a renewal process that leads to ongoing beneficial emotional, physical, or behavioural change.

Your Journey Starts Before Your Trip Begins

Designing a bespoke experience is a process. For travel to be meaningful, it must align with personal interests, values, needs, challenges. Our success in structuring unique experiences is unparalleled.

Our clients begin their journey by working with an experienced Transformative Travel Coach, who is highly skilled at combining visioning with creative travel planning. As the first step forward, your Coach will work closely with you to uncover your values and goals for your trip, as well as the activities which will fully engage your focus, and the environments that most inspire you.

Your Transformative Travel Coach has an extensive inventory of places and possibilities for immersive experiences in Canada and around the world that you may never have imagined. Together, you will co-design your unique journey of discovery.

Stress-Free Planning

Your Transformative Travel Coach and RCM Health Consultancy will arrange for all travel logistics and healthcare needs. Covid-19 safety considerations are integral to the planning process.

Box: When to Consider Immersive Transformative Experiences

RCM curates a wide range of experiences, using the five components of a positive experience known as PERMA. Positive Emotion, Engagement, Rlationships (with self and/or others), Meaning, Accomplishment.

These experiences are successful in supporting individuals who are experiencing such conditions as the following:

  • Burnout / Stress
  • Distress following a life transition
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief
  • Lack of clarity of purpose

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