RCM Women’s Health

RCM Health has been dedicated to assisting and advising women and their families for over 25 years.

The first step in our relationship with our clients is active listening. We take all the time required to gain a deep understanding of the challenges.

Our members never feel dismissed which is a common complaint voiced by women.

RCM’s team members work with our clients in a true partnership. We develop and implement solutions irrespective of the complexity of the problem.

RCM will often serve the needs of multiple generations of women within the same family unit.

Types Of Services Available At RCM Health

Food And Nutrition

Deciding what to eat, preparing meals, meeting the needs of fussy eaters and the gluten free in the family contribute to meal times being potentially chaotic.
And then there are other problems with food including eating disorders, weight issues and body dysmorphism.

RCM Health provides consulting for all of these challenges with our advisors in holistic nutrition, eating disorders, food selection and meal preparation.

Addressing Gynaecological Issues: Menopause

Menopause is a natural biological process. There are different stages including premenopause, perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. But the physical symptoms, such as hot flashes, and emotional symptoms of menopause may disrupt sleep, lower energy or affect emotional health and sexuality. There are many effective treatments available, from lifestyle adjustments to hormone therapy. RCM Health provides access to these treatments. And RCM also provides access to a Menopause Coach to guide our members through the many challenges that occur on the menopause journey that can span 20 to 30 years.

Dermatologic Consulting

Misinformation about skin conditions including the use of expensive creams, injectables, and fillers can be detrimental to the patient in the short and long run.

RCM Health’s medical doctors and dermatology consultants can provide valid information to promote good skin health.

Preventive Health For Women

Prevention is the best strategy for women who want to stay healthy. For example, bone density screening, screening for hereditary cancers with BRCA testing, breast mammography screening, breast MRIs, cervical cancer screening, STD screening, urinary incontinence screening and well woman visits are important to discover problems as quickly as possible in order to have the best outcomes possible.

Women’s Cancer Risk

Hereditary testing for cancer can be lifesaving for our women clients. In addition, children can be assessed with genetic testing using saliva samples to rule out hereditary risks of cancer. Advanced blood tests can pick up over 50 types of cancer very early while the cancer is entirely treatable.

RCM Health has extensive experience and deep expertise in case and care managing women who develop cancer. Our members have access to RCM’s global network of cancer specialists at the leading centres of excellence in cancer for advice or treatment.

Complex Chronic Disorders

Living with one or more chronic conditions can be challenging. RCM’s professionals provide whatever support and advice and advocacy are required to cope with and manage chronic diseases.

Gaps in Care In Canada

There are gaps in the availability of specialised care in various provinces across Canada. RCM’s team members have the ability to identify where specialised care is available in Canada and then refer our clients to the specialists in these locations. Provincial medicare is portable. Accordingly, medicare will pay for care in other provinces. RCM Health has established relationships with centres of excellence in the US and Europe, if access is requested by our members.

Problems With Parents, Partners And Children

RCM Health is unique in providing a multi-generational approach to case and care management. Whether our client’s mother has dementia and is wandering the streets at 3AM, or the partner has stage 4 prostate cancer or one of the children has an addiction to video games and cannabis, RCM Health has an approach that includes multiple generations.

Reframing Careers Through Career Design And Planning

RCM Health provides career coaching for women who feel blocked, burned out or frustrated with work. The process includes a deep dive into personal values and needs and also includes an exploration of career choices and upskilling.

Parent Coaching

Parenting can be a very difficult job. The need to balance taking care of children, partners, parents, professional lives and personal needs can be overwhelming. This is even more complex when there is dysfunction in the family.

RCM Health’s parent coach is available to work with our clients on family systems and parent coaching to ensure that the family unit works as it should to enhance the lives of all members of the family system.

Sexuality Demystified

Sex coaching is provided by a professional trained to help individuals with sexual, intimacy and relationship issues. Explore blocks and distress as it relates to what should be profound pleasure. RCM Health has a focus on assisting young women who are dealing with young men who have not developed an awareness of and understanding of tender reciprocal adult sexuality.

Addressing Substance Use Disorder

Alcohol or street drugs can destroy not only the individual but also the entire family unit. RCM Health has a comprehensive intensive outpatient programme (IOP) for women who want to work at attaining and sustaining sobriety. RCM Health can also arrange for admission to excellent residential substance use disorder programmes for women in the US or Europe.

Learning To Develop Purpose And Meaning

Positivity can be learned. RCM understands that life can be a struggle and that there must be balance. Positivity can be healing. That is why RCM’s team members will focus on the PERMA model of treatment. This model comes from the work of the acclaimed psychologist Dr Martin Seligman.

To define PERMA: P is for positivity. E is for engagement and flow. R is for relationships. M is for meaning. A is for accomplishment. The PERMA treatment model when adopted can be transformative for our clients.

RCM’s Poet In Residence

Tricia is an accomplished poet and the poet-in-residence at RCM Health. She has a deep respect and love for the nuance of language and its intersection with emotion. Tricia is available to work with our clients who might have a need to more fully reflect inner emotionality in words and develop new ways of crafting and communicating a personal narrative.

The Role Of Transformative Travel

RCM Health recognizes that travel can be transformative. We celebrate the power of place. Our clients welcome new experiences, new relationships and moments of clarity when they are free of the familiar and can explore creative expression of self. The professionals at RCM Health have a psychological background and are expert in designing and organising transformative travel experiences for our clients.

RCM Provides Psychological Support For Our Members

Women working in executive roles, especially in a male dominated environment, can experience burnout, stress, anxiety and/or depression, feeling overwhelmed, guilt of not being home with the family and hostility or bullying in the workplace.
Also, women frequently experience pay inequity, caregiving responsibilities and gender-based violence plus infertility, menopause, and postpartum depression.
Women are usually underrepresented in leadership at work, navigating “double only” status as a woman of colour or member of the LGBTQ+ community.
Many of these challenges are largely invisible, since women may not be inclined to disclose their mental health challenges, since it may be perceived to be a weakness.
Professional women have unique needs and can benefit greatly from a professional therapeutic and supportive relationship. Where they can work on how to obtain life balance, let go of the imposter syndrome, manage anxieties and stressors, and build confidence in oneself.

Food and Nutrition

Menopause Coaching


Preventive Health

Cancer Care

Complex Chronic Disorders

Specialist Access

Family Coaching

Career Design

Parent Coaching

Sexuality Demystified

Addressing Substance Use Disorder

Mental Health

Passion Projects

Transformative Travel

Psychological Support

Membership In RCM Women’s Health

Access to the plethora of RCM’s curated resources starts with an annual membership in RCM Women’s Health.

Once the member is engaged in working with the team at RCM Health, time based charges do apply for specialised resources that are utilised.

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