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B.G. was 24 years old. He was admitted to a hospital with severe anemia. He was eventually diagnosed with aplastic anemia which is a very serious and complex disease. His family retained RCM Health to advocate and assist. We arranged for him to be seen at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland at zero cost. They have a centre of excellence in aplastic anemia. The meds he brought home were at zero cost.

When he got back to Canada, it was decided that he needed Soliris which is about $400,000 per year. Our job was to advocate with the government for access to Soliris. Our advocacy was successful.

B.G. has done well and now at age 29, he is off all meds. The family was and is very appreciative of RCM Health’s advocacy.


Engaging Dr. Rupert and his team at RCM Health during my husband’s lengthy hospitalization was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I believe that their advocacy and actions helped save his life. They reviewed his records, obtained second opinions, made suggestions to the care team, monitored his ongoing care, and more. As a result, we began to see positive changes. Throughout, I found them to be professional, empathetic, diligent, and effective.

Maria C.

“Dr Rupert and staff are nothing short of amazing. We had a life and death situation and they pulled through for us when we were denied treatment through the regular system. Any money you spend with Dr Rupert and his staff is the best money you will ever spend. Courteous, caring, understanding, accommodating and effective. Love Love RCM Health Consultancy”

Catherine DeCarlo

“Dr. Rupert of RCM Health Consultancy is a rare gem, a thoroughly trusted resource, and I was always more than satisfied with Dr. Rupert’s care and counsel. In fact, I was always deeply grateful for the insightful and caring manner with which I was always treated by Dr. Rupert and his diligent, thoughtful Staff, every time I visited his clinic. When I needed something urgent, Dr. Rupert’s Staff always got back to me in a timely fashion, and always did their very best to accommodate my requests, as did Dr. Rupert. “Five Star” doesn’t do this stellar Clinic justice.”

Renata Duma

“Engaging Dr. Rupert and his team during my husband’s lengthy hospitalization was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I believe that their advocacy and actions helped save his life. They reviewed his records, obtained second opinions, made suggestions to the care team, monitored his ongoing care, and more. As a result, we began to see positive changes. Throughout, I found them to be professional, empathetic, diligent, and effective.”

Maria Grenadier

“After requesting assistance from Dr. Rupert and his team, my case was immediately assessed and I received a call within 24 hrs. As my case was in an early stage they would not be able to take on my case, however they did offer very valuable information and made a very excellent suggestion. This advice was all I needed to get my case resolved. Thank you Dr. Rupert and team. Your help was truly appreciated.”

H. van der Wilt

“It is a long story. My 28 year old son was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his duodenum. We were getting nowhere in getting him treatment. Although I am sure we would have gotten there eventually Dr. Rupert’s team sped the process up significantly and now my son has had chemo and surgery and is hopefully on the road to recovery. Thanks Team Rupert!”

Blaine Gerrity

“Dr. Rupert has been my physician for over 40 years and I have always found him to be thorough, understanding, caring and, most importantly, proactive with his patients. He will not hesitate to coordinate any medical issue with specialists, if needed. Many years ago when I faced a serious medical condition, he guided me through my options, made the necessary referrals, and advocated on my behalf so that I could make the appropriate treatment decision. Kudos Dr. Rupert!!!”

Leo Spindel

“Raymond Rupert is brilliant. If you really need professional health services navigation, this is the best way to do it. It’s a very good system and the case managers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Frankly, I think they should help the Premier roll out their integrated health navigation model.”

Arnie Gotfryd

“Post divorce I needed help working through things. Dr. Rupert listened, asked hard questions, gave sound straight advice and let me know when he felt I’d set myself on the right path and suggested that we check in in a year. If you’re looking for a teddy bear while working through hard things you don’t want to face then he’s not your guy. If you want a coach and advisor who will help you face hard truths and support you through the hard work necessary to grow and develop into a better you he’s the Dr. For you.”

Kristopher Stevens

“Dr.Rupert and his team are an excellent help. They are quick to answer any emails or phone calls as well as make referrals. Dr.Rupert and his team always follow up when they receive any test results, always making sure to keep the patient informed and up to date. They even helped transfer my medical records to hospitals near my home. It is evident that Dr.Rupert and his entire team truly care and are committed to the wellbeing of the patient. Excellent service!”

Kayla Dlugos

“Incredibly efficient and very effectice healthcare. The best care anyone can receive!
I have recommended Dr. Rupert and his team to many of my friends and family who have all benefited from their knowledge and expertise. They are truly amazing and appreciate all the help they have provided me over many years! Thank you to all of you at RCM Health Consultancy! You all do tremendous work that is very much needed in today’s fast paced and ever changing healthcare environment.”

Leinah Viola

“Dr. Raymond is a superlative physician. He and his staff are careing and efficient. They leave no stone unturned in solving whatever issues are involved in your case. I have the greatest respect for him and for his team.”

Boris Brott

“I cannot recommend RCM enough. Our entire family has benefitted from the team’s dedication through many health issues. He and his staff are particularly adept at facilitating speedy referral in cases where consultation and services with specialists are required. It is not easy to find a physician with Dr. Rupert’s care, compassion availability and general good humour. If you are looking for a family doctor’s office with a wealth of resources at his fingertips, I urge you to contact RCM immediately.”

L Hewak

“Dr Rupert get the job done. He offers sound advise and treatment. He also refers to very competent members of the medical field.”

David Johns

“I can not begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Raymond Rupert and his team at RCM Health Consultancy. It is not an exaggeration to say they saved my life and I would not be here writing this had I chosen to stay within the public health care system.

The months leading up to my decision to join RCM were filled with 18+ specialist appointments and bi-weekly emergency room visits. Unfortunately, no one wanted to spend the time to listen to what was going on with me or take the initiative to ask questions. I faced judgment at every turn and got passed along from one doctor to the next as no one wanted to spend the time necessary to figure out my health mystery. I continued to be rushed in and out of appointments that I waited months to attend. I felt defeated and utterly abandoned by our health care system.

By the time I heard about RCM, I had given up on the health care system and doctors in general. I had been given the run around in the public system, wasted thousands on private doctors and was not at all confident that RCM was going to help me with anything. Despite my resistance, I decided to meet with them.

I attended my first meeting armed with 500+ pictures and a thick binder stuffed with test results and consultation notes that had been compiled over the past 8 months. Dr. Rupert told me that for my age (40) I was the most complex case he had seen. Instead of giving up on me and passing me along, he sat with me, looked at my pictures and listened intently to my lengthy summary of the past few months. I decided to give him a try and off we went.

I was pleased to learn that this would be a transparent experience. I was in communication with the team daily and could see what they were working on along with any and all notes, results and documents relating to my care. Before I knew it, there was a new differential diagnosis on the table. Dr. Rupert had arranged for me to go to Edmonton Alberta to see the world authority Rheumatologist in my suspected disease. Just like that- I WAS DIAGNOSED!

I am sure many of you reading this are debating paying for healthcare in a country that offers it for free. Like me, you my have given up on doctors in general. I can promise you that it will be money well spent and you WILL have answers. Sadly, I have learned that our Canadian healthcare system is overwhelmed and does not have the extra time or colleague collaborate needed to diagnose complex cases and mystery illnesses. Dr. Rupert was my “Dr. House”. RCM was worth every penny and I urge those desperately searching for a diagnosis or specialized care to use their service!

Dr. Raymond Rupert is one in a million…… take my word on it because he figured out that I am too 🙂



“Smart, knowledgeable, and insightful. Top notch medical diagnosis and treatment.”

Thomas Powers

“Excellent and proactive help from the front desk each time I’ve contacted the office.”

Patrick J

“Excellent family doctor. Persistent follow-up on chronic issues.”

Bob Stark

“I saw Dr Rupert in the 90s. If it weren’t for him, my life would be different right now.”

Linda Black

“I have known Raymond Rupert for more than forty years. During that time he has responded to my medical needs in a prompt, professional and empathetic manner. I have always been impressed with his ability to listen to my concerns and he never dismisses my queries. His diagnostic skills have been spot on with me. When there has been a need for further investigation required, he has referred me to specialists immediately. As a Family doctor, I have relied on his expertise, to help me navigate the healthcare system. Almost twenty years ago, I relocated to a rural community in Southeastern Ontario. On two separate occasions I have faced serious health issues and have been relieved that I have been able to call on Raymond. He was able to access reports quickly and was able to explain them to me in a down to earth manner.

“I highly recommend Raymond Rupert as a health care professional and would trust him completely to advocate on any health concerns that may arise with me.


Ms. Maureen Lollar
Toronto, Ontario

“On December 13, 2016 my husband had a stroke after disembarking from a plane in Shanghai, China. This could have been one of the most stressful times in my life, but a prayer circle formed around myself and my husband which led to the unfolding of many miracles that we know brought us through this crisis feeling peaceful, grateful and hopeful. One of the amazing agencies that came to our aid was RCM Health Consultancy.

“Raymond Rupert and his staff immediately jumped into action and provided copies of my husband’s medical files. Raymond Rupert collaborated with me before I left and most importantly assisted me with navigating the Chinese medical system. When no English speaking speech language therapist was available, he immediately set up a consultation with a speech language pathologist from Hamilton, ON. She was instrumental in coaching me via Skype which helped me begin speech therapy with my husband 4 days after his stroke.

“RCM Health Consultancy also aided me as I dealt with the insurance company by offering insights about their processes and priorities. Exactly one month later my husband is home and doing very well. We anticipate a full recovery and this would not have been possible without the expert services of RCM Health Consultancy.

“Eternally Grateful”

Joan Samuels-Dennis, RN, PhD
Toronto, Ontario

“I wanted to express my gratitude for all your support, encouragement and wise counsel.

“Thank you once again Raymond Rupert for connecting me with Cookie. Her wisdom and toughness was necessary for me to change and thereby start to influence change in how we do things as a family. I attribute much of our success as a family going forward to Cookie’s weekly calls and guidance.

“We are once again a family, though definitely different than before, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Lisa Mc
Toronto, Ontario

“I was a patient of the team at RCM Health Consultancy. I had a very serious life threatening condition. RCM Health Consultancy was not only an essential part of my treatment and recovery. The team helped to save my life!”

Andre Marie

“RCM focused on the root of the problem by quickly getting the top experts to review my case. RCM got me the answers! RCM is peace of mind. Priceless!”

Yousry Bissada
President and CEO, Filogix
Toronto, Ontario

“I never thought for a moment that a provider of health services could help my company commercially — until I started working with RCM Health Consultancy. It was like having a strategic business advisor who could see things I could not see, offering insights and ideas that equipped me with a way forward to help achieve my goals. For every obstacle outlined, an opportunity was articulated. For every problem, a solution.”

Robert Pickard
President, Edelman
Tokyo, Japan

“I have no doubt that RCM Health Consultancy saved my life. They helped me negotiate the complex world of specialist and surgical referrals, treatment options, medical imaging, and out-of-country treatment. I am amazed how quickly things got done! Advice and council are highly valued, and knowing that this expertise and network are a phone call away is very comforting.”

Chris Bell
CEO, Wolfson Bell
Toronto, Ontario

“When time was of the essence, RCM Health Consultancy went into high gear to find me the best surgeon quickly to fix my torn ACL (knee ligament). Their ability to get this done at one of the best facilities in the US was amazing.”

Andrea Elliot
Chief Operating Officer, Karabus Retail Management Consultants
Toronto, Ontario

“When we could not determine the nature of a problem that was affecting me and when my GP’s position was to wait and see what developed, RCM Health Consultancy stepped in. Within 24 hours they had me admitted to the leading centre of excellence for nephrology and renal transplant medicine, in the country, and under treatment by the leading specialists. If it had not been for RCM Health Consultancy’s expert intervention I would likely not have survived.”

Lawrence Geller
President, L.I. Geller Insurance Agencies Ltd.
Campbellville, Ontario

“RCM Health Consultancy did a great job on my behalf. I couldn’t be happier with how you handled my case, answered all my questions, and kept me informed every step of the way. Your case management practice made a difference and I am testimony to its effectiveness.”


“Thanks very much. I must say that I was sceptical when my sister first told me about going to visit you. It was obviously nothing personal, as I had never heard your name before. However, from our first meeting and certainly from that point on, my confidence and trust level increased all the time. You have been extremely prompt, proactive, and professional during the last few weeks and it is much appreciated.”


“I had heard great things about you, but now I have experienced the strength of your service first hand. Thank you so much for your assistance – Donna and Sharon were simply blown away by the speed and efficiency of your work. We really appreciate it.”


“We’re not sure we’ve thanked you enough for the wonderful way in which you took care of our dear friend. There is no doubt in our minds that the quality of life that our friend was able to enjoy was largely due to our good fortune in having you involved in his care. Thank you so much.”


“I just want to thank you very much for all your help when I was facing major brain surgery for what turned out to be a misdiagnosis. You helped us by sending my MRIs to the very best neurosurgeons and having them comment on my case. This led to an accurate diagnosis of a benign tumour that did not require surgery. Thanks so much for helping me and my whole family.”


“The case management process that you organized for me and the decision matrix that we used were very helpful when I was confronting a major decision about abdominal surgery. You and your team were highly professional, very thorough, and always responsive to my needs. Thank you very much. Things have worked out very well. We are very pleased with your service.”


“I really want to take this opportunity to thank you – greatly, for your intervention, support and gentle guidance that you extended in helping to expedite my treatment. You are a “guardian angel” and I cannot thank you enough for helping to guide me through a new and fairly scary experience. I wish you, and your family, much good health and happiness, and thanks to you, I will certainly be celebrating the same with mine! Many, many thanks and best wishes always.”

M. J.

“RCM’s professionalism and perseverance in dealing with the medical personnel at the hospital to get to the root of John’s condition saved John’s life. We still talk about the “turnabout” of the doctors involved once it was discovered that RCM Health Consultancy was on board. We came from trying to get someone to communicate with us about the next course of action to be taken to having five different professionals standing around John’s bed at once explaining the next steps to be taken. I, as the caregiver, feel more confident knowing that if we ever encounter other challenges with our health, RCM Health Consultancy will be there to support and guide us.”

Maija and John