A New Option: How Canadians Can Navigate Surgical Wait Times

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The Consequences Of Long Surgery Wait Times:

Long surgery wait times are not just inconvenient—they can have serious consequences. In some instances, long wait times result in poorer medical outcomes.

Sometimes, patients may have to give up work or take extended leaves of absence as they wait for elective surgeries. This can mean a substantial economic loss to the patients and their families.

Now RCM Health Provides Access To Immediate Surgery

RCM Health Consultancy provides you with medical assistance, advice and advocacy when you need it the most.   We help our clients to get immediate access to the surgery that they want and need when it is medically indicated.

A high-impact health benefit for corporate leaders and executives

Many corporations now recognize the trauma their employees deal with if they or their families do not have immediate access to elective procedures or tests.

Personal health challenges such as long wait times for critical surgeries take up executives’ time and mindspace away from crucial decision-making at work that can impact the company’s future.

Now RCM Health offers top executives a 365-day health and crisis management service to help them respond to challenging situations such as long wait times to access treatment. Often companies will pay for this service for their executives, supporting them when they need it the most. 

Why RCM Health Consultancy? Accelerating access to elective procedures to reduce surgery wait times

Now Canadian patients have the option of having surgery with accelerated access in the US and elsewhere through RCM Health. 

RCM has over 25 years of experience providing patients with guided access to skilled surgeons at highly-respected centers of excellence. 

RCM  helps you make informed decisions regarding your health including selecting surgeries. 

We take care of the entire process, starting with making appointments, cost confirmation, arranging virtual consultation, and finally following up with our clients to ensure they are well-integrated into their healthcare community after treatment.

Contact RCM for assistance with immediate surgery.