Hospice In The Home

No one knows exactly what to do when a member of the family or a friend chooses to pass at home. It is complex.

Family members and caregivers want and need support at these difficult times. A guiding hand. A comforting presence. Reassurance. Knowledge of the medical issues at the end of life. What medications to use? Who to talk to? What order should things happen in? What to expect?

That’s the job of the team at RCM Health. We build on 25 years of experience helping families at difficult times.

RCM Health has a service called “Hospice In The Home”. Many of our clients want to stay out of institutions and do not want to be maintained on pumps and pipes for a prolonged period. It is our job to fulfill the wishes of the person of concern.

RCM Health’s team guides the family through a curated approach to end of life to ensure quality time for the person of concern and empathetic and knowledgeable support and advice for the family.

The “Hospice In The Home” service from RCM Health.ca might include:

  1. Hosting a discovery call with the family, friends and the person of concern.
  2. A review of the wishes of the person of concern to ensure that they are complied with.
  3. Completing an assessment of current and evolving medical issues.
  4. Providing a review of nursing orders and medication orders
  5. Arranging for delivery to the home of medications and other important supplies.
  6. Collaborating with the homecare company and their staff persons.
  7. Providing rapid COVID and other testing for any staff coming to the home.
  8. Assessing the quality of the homecare services being provided.
  9. Accessing provincially funded palliative care and homecare services.
  10. Sourcing additional private palliative care, homecare and pain management services as required.
  11. Accessing doctors qualified in MAID if requested.
  12. Collaborating with the spiritual leaders associated with the family.
  13. Establishing a comforting environment which might include the selection of music and art and, possibly, arrange for a reader to read to the person of concern.
  14. Reviewing the family history and legacy of the person of concern through storytelling.
  15. Consideration of the use of experiential medications to ease anxiety at the end of life.
  16. Communicating and collaborating with the family doctor, specialists, and other doctors in the community.
  17. Being available 365 if there is a need for advice about completing and registering DNR forms, when to access 911 and how to manage the details once the person has passed.

To learn more about RCM’s Hospice In The Home service, call or email RCM Health.

647 350 5500 or info@rcmhealth.ca