RCM Health.ca has provided complex case management for 25+ years. Historically, our support to patients and their families has typically focused on the adults in the family. As time went on we were increasingly being asked to support the complex pediatric population which includes individuals from infancy to the adolescent population who face many unique challenges to their health and well-being.

We learned very quickly that the challenges, stakeholders and landscape for children’s health, development and well-being overlaps with adults in some places within healthcare, but is in many ways quite different. With new research, new diseases, and the advancements of genetic testing, the learning curve has been steep and our expert base has widened.

With every new family we work with we are exploring this vast landscape and building our networks. We have learned from the experts that work within it, that even they struggle at times to navigate the systems and understand how beneficial having expert case managers and navigators would be to ensuring the best possible care and plan forward.

With RCM Jr, our team is addressing any healthcare concerns that parents and caregivers have with their children’s health, development and well-being.

The RCM Jr team works with parents and caregivers to explore and fully understand their concerns or the concerns that have been brought to their attention, and their hopes and goals. We work closely with the family to develop a plan to best support the child and the entire family in addressing all concerns and working towards what matters to them.

Support plans may include the selection of experts to conduct necessary assessments and/or investigations. For example, some families we have worked with, have benefitted from psycho-educational assessments and consultation for school placement and help with managing transitions. With other families we have assisted in ensuring children receive comprehensive multidisciplinary developmental assessment.

All findings and recommendations are shared with the family and fully explained to ensure clear, and explicit understanding. We use the findings to provide the family with decision-making support regarding best treatment options and/or intervention approaches, taking into account the family’s unique variables and circumstances.

Following this, the team at RCM Jr continues to monitor progress to ensure that the child is on the right path, making positive progress. RCM Jr. believes that a family is an ecosystem and support may include proactive prevention strategies to safeguard the health and well-being of everyone in that ecosystem. RCM Jr, as part of RCM Health.ca is in a wonderful position to support any direct needs of parents/caregivers if necessary as well.

Our team at RCM Health.ca may assist in selecting care providers, providing a budget for the care and managing pay for care providers, directly on behalf of families at their discretion. We monitor the quality of care and progress that is being made. We also may provide Quality and Cost of Care Reviews at the family’s request.

The pediatric population is our future. We know that there is nothing more important to individuals and society than the well-being of families. With RCM Jr we are in a very strong position to support the entire family and address complex pediatric healthcare challenges with pediatric clients located anywhere.